actions speaks louder than words..

April 21, 2007 9:48am CST
hi my boyfriend and are having problems sometimes because he's not telling me how much he loves me.. unlike me everytime when were together i always make sure that i will tell him how much i love him.. and as we talked about it he said that actions speaks louder than words. but in fairness to him hes really thoughful and,gentleman and very sweet.but ofcourse i also need to hear it! you know the three magic words! whatcha think?
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@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
21 Apr 07
Oh, we have the opposite problem. My boyfriend is more of the word guy. He's always telling me he loves me. Everyday he uses those 3 words to the point of it sounding forced and much more out of habit. I really want him to be more sweet and thoughtful and do an occasional romantic stuff once in a while. I really think actions do speak louder than words. That's what I always say. I guess those 3 words doesn't really come naturally for some guys. They like to express their feelings more on romantic gestures. I wish my boyfriend would do an occasional romantic gesture or two not that I don't appreciate him telling me he loves me but once in a while, a love letter or a rose could show his feelings much more than words.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
21 Apr 07
Everyone is different in showing and giving emotion, men sometimes find it unnatural to be be actually saying words like I love you, and there is more ways that words to do this, but particularly men just don't seem to know what women need especially once they become used to being in a particular relationship they get a little bit lax in that just remember not everyone is the same with emotions...