Is really beauty lies in women?

@shak143 (1280)
April 21, 2007 12:44pm CST
hi guys is really GOD made girls with artisic body? You may got a doubt why i got this doubt.Because i saw so many guys who says by looking at whitesh girl she is beautiful but not by looking at a black color girl why so? Is beauty is color or curves?If not what a beauty is?how one can judge she is really beautyfull?
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10 Sep 07
Beauty is within. Attraction is all about what an individual person happens to like. Ever heard the saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."? It is the truth. Women are held to some unreasonable standard of beauty, though these days men are more and more concerned with the way they look too! Black women are beautiful. Asian women are beautiful. White women are beautiful. Beauty has absolutely nothing to do with race and skin color. To say that white women are more beautiful than white woman is racist - obviously coming from cultural values that dictate that a white woman is more valuable sexually, or however, than a black woman. Haven't you ever heard the stereotype that black women (people) are hypersexual? Well, it isn't the truth...just like this absurd notion that white women are more beautiful than black women that your friend is suggesting. You can't judge whether a woman is beautiful based solely on her outside. Then she becomes an object - not valued for her entire being - mind, body and soul. What you are suggesting here is that a woman is attractive because she looks a certain way - if society and culture dictate what beauty is, then we are suckered into spending billions of dollars a year on makeup, plastic surgery, fashion, and last but not least, all kinds of diets that don't work! This post - what you are pondering - is almost childish...good luck when you hit the dating world. You need to have opinions of your own on who is attractive and who is not. Don't listen to your idiotic friend. He is obviously an ignorant, racist fool (among other things, I'm sure).