Does questioning make you stronger?

United States
April 24, 2007 11:50pm CST
Have you or someone you know gone through a serious period of questioning/doubting your faith? If you emerged from that still a believer, do you think it made your faith stronger? Are you comfortable talking to others about it?
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@thefuture (1750)
• Nigeria
25 Apr 07
Yes questions makes me stronger, cos if am asked a question, and it happens that I was not able to answer it correctly, I have to go back and get myself prepared. I have never experieced anything like that, but if something like that should happen, I think it won't make most people's faith stronger. It will only take one the grace of God to be able to cope with such situation. If such should happen to me, I don't really think I will feel comfortable talking it to others. Thanks and have a nice day.
@cindyd (36)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
Yes i did this so many times in the past. For me it's still ok, after all the hardships, i believe it's natural and men really have that tendency to question about our own faith. Even Jesus Christ questioned God when he was on the cross. But even though I question His presence in my life, I didn't really doubt. For me questioning is different from doubting. It's just like I'm complaining. When we get to ask more questions, there will follow the answers, though sometimes the answers are not favorable. These questions would later on make me realize about my concerns. Nowadays I am more concerned on praying more for strength and courage, that I would be able to overcome the trials. And acceptance too, that I maybe able to accept and understand the things that I can't.
@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
25 Apr 07
Yes, actually, I wouldnt say I questioned my faith, but I was on the search for the "true religion" and I have just figured out that there is no "true religion". I call myself a biblican. That meaning that I believe in the bible. I believe the bible is God's word and that is what I follow. The bible tells us that we do not believe anything except what is in the bible, and not even if an angel from Heaven tells us otherwise, we should not believe him. There are false teachers out there and we must be careful in not believing in a religion because it seems easier or more capable of fitting into our lives, but one that is from God. I think that everyone as humans will at one time question it, but that happens with every relationship doesnt it? And between you and God there is a relationship, so why would you expect anything different? I am a stronger believer now, than I ever was.