Do you get runner's high?

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April 25, 2007 11:59am CST
For those of you that run/exercise... Do you really get runner's high? Is there really such thing. I have tried to start running again. I don't actually like the act of running or jogging, but I love the way I feel after. It's hard to get motivated. Do you actually enjoy running and get that high while you are running? what are some good ways to motivate yourself to get out and run?
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@Mayuko (1271)
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25 Sep 11
There are some times I experience it when exercising, it doesn't necessarily have to be when running though. The feeling is caused by endorphins that are released. In fact, just two days ago, I was jogging at home and at first, I was fine, then I really got into it and I felt so elated and I didn't feel tired at all. I ended up jogging for an extra 10 minutes than I planned to. I also get that feeling sometimes when I'm doing step aerobics or riding my stationary bike, or some other exercise.
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18 Jun 07
hello!! Back in highschool i ran crosscountry for 4 years. After you get into the groove of running and have your mind set on your goals, you will be addicted to it! Everymorning you'll wake up thinking.."Man i felt so good yesterday..I need to go do that again!" And i promise you that you will experience the runners high. It's such a great feeling!! Good ways to motivate yourself is to think of the results that you will have and how awesome you feel after going on a run. hope this helps!! :)
9 Jun 07
Yeah one more thing. Planning to join a running club where all like minded people will run together and I will be motivated...I guess.
9 Jun 07
While running its a bit struggle but after I gain my rhythm it becomes easier. I feel quite satisfied after a good run. I aim to become slim and fit which is a good motivator for me.