why does everyone around the globe get into that 'weight lose' thing?

@sHakei (10)
April 26, 2007 9:50am CST
this makes me crazy.. thinking of the idea that people especially women get into that weight lose thing.. hmmm.. aren't they loved for what physical attributes they have???
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• Philippines
27 Apr 07
Yes it is really crazy to lose wait. And what makes you more crazy is you can't control yourself from eating. You can eat but not too much and the body only needs certain calories to meet its daily requirement. Overeating leads to the storage of fat and would soon turn into cholesterol and sooner or later it will lead to cardiovascular compplications. That is why being thin has more advantages compared to the usual you or eat all you can habit. Being thin makes you feel light and you have the luxury of wearing anything you want without shame or fear of what others would say. Don't you think so? Being thin makes you healthy and mprevents yourself from diseases. But not all thin people are healthy. Some are malnourished. Si might as well read sometyhing about nutrition and daily requirements the body need so that you will know what to eat . Likewise if you can't control yourself from eating. YOu should exercise regularly to burn those excess fats which the body doesn't really need,. Hope that enlightens you and makes you more crazy. Goodluck!
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
Perhaps its that its harder to be thin nowadays. With the plethora of food choices we have and the abundance of fast food joints, its no wonder we have a harder time keeping off the pounds. Human nature is also almost always like that, we crave something which we cannot have or have difficulty acquiring.
• United States
26 Apr 07
I am obsessed with my weight because I like to be thin. I was brought up to eat healthy and be aware what my ideal weight should be. I was overweight many times, in fact I am fighing with some 10 pounds now; my family and firends love me as I am but let's face it, overweight is not good for many, many reasons such as: health wise, an overweight person can develop diseases that can shorten one's life considerably and looks wise I have to agree that an overweight person does not look exactly attractive. Having said that, people should never be judged by looks but for what they are, as many overweight people are not so because of choice -