NBAlive07 several problem.

April 29, 2007 2:24pm CST
Nba2007 should say was does quite advanced, but still had many placesto be worth discussing, steadily hits time discovery many questions. 1.The computer does not trade the person This spot did too has assumed, little was not real, even if thephysical strength trough all did not have has still not traded theperson, made I was for more than in the lead 20 minute not to dare totrade the person, the computer and you hit with the main force was insomewhat not the morals. Downloads has traded person's patch, invalid,should not or not, not have any effect. 2.The pg long time controls the ball 3.Shooting time has not violated a regulation 4.The dynasty pattern is wounded and sick and the transaction How do you think .?about this game,?
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