@taheraa (1547)
Giza, Egypt
May 5, 2007 2:26am CST
Love is understanding. most behavior is caused or motivated. once we understand this, we can be much more accepting and loving. For example, one father I know was having difficulty with one of his two children. One was the perfect child, the other constantly rebelling. Is one of your children a favorite? Iasked the father. With a tinge of embarrassment he admitted the good child was. " Do you think this could be the cause of your difficult son's negative behavior?" I asked again. The answer was obvious.
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@The_Eagle_1 (1123)
• Australia
5 May 07
I think your close, but the major difference is love is excepting the differences as well as many other ingrediants. It would be simple to love if that were all. With children it isa more important to lead by example... be consistant and do the things you want them to do properly... the old saying "monkey see... monkey do!!" is sooo relevant to bringing children up!