Does anybody like to watch"Apprentice"?

May 7, 2007 6:28am CST
"Apprentice" is my favourite TV show this year, do you like it? I like James in Season 6, and you? Do you have any favourite cantidate? in which Season?
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• United States
26 May 07
Of course, James was my favorite, and honestly I don't know why he didn't get picked to be the apprentice for this past season. Trump mentioned that he wasn't being chosen because of something that he had said, that was objectionable. I have no idea what that could be. I think he mentioned his website once or twice on the show, so maybe it's something that got cut out by the editors. I can't imagine that he would have actually said anything offensive. He seemed so cool. I can't remember too many other people on the past seasons off the top of my head. Except for Omerosa. I won't start in on her, cause everyone else has. But i do love the show. Unfortunately, i heard today that it got canceled or not picked up for the fall season, so we're stuck with fond memories and maybe reruns. Oh well. Good times!
• China
26 May 07
Hi, beautyqueen,you gave me such a great answer. I know Trump said James said something not right, but I don't know what it is. Although I like like the girl he chose, she is so smart and eloquent, I still believe James is a great leader and he is more suitable for the position. I hope this show has not been canceled, I'd like to watch more.