United States
May 7, 2007 8:25am CST
How many of you are truly content? I had a teacher who said we should always have something to look forward to..but I think that's different from always wanting something more. The people who are truly content today seem to go unnoticed by society. They are usually the ones who don't have much by society's standards. My neighbor and her husband have two kids, but live in a two bedroom, 900 sq ft home. I would think they would be miserable...but no, they are just the opposite. The kids are always playing in the yard, never once do I hear them complaining. The parents always have a smile and talk about how they love the neighborhood. They sound truly content. Do any of you feel content or do you constantly want more believing it will bring happiness?
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• Hong Kong
7 May 07
it's about what you thinking