Season Finale

workout the season finale - workout season finale the saddest and the best episode yet. Doug's death took a tow on everyone on the show and the fans that watched the show.
@rabanesd (284)
United States
May 9, 2007 2:09am CST
This episode was the a lot more teary than the last. I had tears running down my face tonight because of Doug's death. I think he was the best trainer on the show. He knew how to accept everyone as they were and still loved them no matter what. I was saddened by Peeler's reaction toward Doug's death. I really didn't see that side of him ever. He was always the one that made himself the strong man on the show, but hearing about Doug brought out the feminine side of him. I teared a little until I saw the part with Doug's ex and Peeler talking then I cried. I thought this was the best episode yet.
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