was REJECTED even after perfoming well!

May 9, 2007 4:00am CST
Hello Friends, I think writing on a diary is a good habit... Even not only day to day activities.. but u can add many things... I have 5 diaries... which i maintain on regular basis Phone diary Two weeks ago i applied for a job. Later, they called me up and i had a telephonic interview. To my knowledge, i dint answer properly for his questions and i was sure that i wont be selected. But to my surprise, after two days i recieved a call, telling that i have to meet them personally for interview. I prepared very well and i had that interview yesterday. I answered all of his questions and after completing the interview, i was sure that i will get placed. But then i was informed that i am rejected:( I really got vexed after hearing that. When i did my direct interview so well, i am rejected. But when i dint do well my telephonic interview, i was selected for the next round. I dint understand the logic behind this. Have you experienced anything like this, where you get things done when you dont expect and undone when expected?
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