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May 29, 2007 4:13pm CST
My husband has applied for a job in the government or public sector. He has been interviewed and he passed the technical exam. The employer informed the agent that they want to hire him but he does not have a security clearance. So the agent gave my husband forms to fill up and the agent submitted the application. Unfortunately, the application for a security clearance was closed because he has not stayed long enough in Canada to be checked. He can re-apply after five years. Five years? Are they kidding? When we were thankful and full of hope that my husband finally got a positive reply from an employer so that he can pursue his field of work, this security clearance application puts all our hopes down. We have migrated here in Canada and we have been here for almost eight months. My husband got a job as a technical support agent during our third month. Although it was not really his field of work in the IT industry, he accepted it to gain Canadian work experience and because it was still in the field of IT and we were thankful for that. Now he is trying to go back to programming which is his field so that we can have more income because he is the only one working and we have 3 kids. It is just frustrating because we have started our new life here in Ottawa because we noticed there are a lot of opportunities here and the cost of living is low compared to Toronto. But we did not know that the application for a security clearance would be a hindrance. The agent nor the employer who interviewed him should have known this and told him immediately or did not consider him anymore. We still love Canada and we do not regret moving here and giving up the jobs and lives we have started back in Singapore where we lived and worked for 5 years. It is a beautiful country with lots of friendly people but I wonder if the government is aware that they are also contributing to the problem of immigrants not getting the work in their fields of expertise. They accepted us here as skilled immigrants so shouldn't they try to be a little more considerate. They have our files during our immigration application. They have gotten police clearances from Singapore. Can they not request for that file from the immigration department? Anyway, I have said too much already. I know this frustration will soon be gone. I thank you for your time to read this. If you have any advice or anything to say, you are free to do so. May your day be filled with all things good.
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