How would you know if youre a Computer Addict

May 31, 2007 3:01am CST
I asked this question because I am diagnosing myself. I think Im addcited to the computer especially to the internet and somehow I think I cant be cured. LOL. Here are some of the symptoms I could see on myself: 1. Upon waking up, instead of cleaning my face, I immediately wipe the face of my monitor, 2. In every conversation, I kept saying LOL, LOL by accident instead of actually laughing, 3. By instinct, I always write the word "com" after every dot, 4. Whenever I get up to go to the toilet, I would usually open the PC to check my YM and my mails, 5. Whenever I unplug the PC, I always felt like I'm waving goodbye to a loved one as he gets on the airplane, 6. and so many others...
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@vivienna (583)
• Venezuela
31 May 07
I confess guilty! Look what I do with my computer (list far from complete):talk to my children be a creative writer be a desktop publicist send and receive money\ read books rock with Elvis watch movies watch TV watch my friend's new baby discuss projects in progress get emotioned with Cubis have a music collection have a classic literature collection get cool with Sudoku plan mediterranean menu design a sweater receive-correct-return alumnis' homework call forgetful coworkers rejoice in Mozart study the Bible tremble with Agatha Christie novel plan travel-make reservation for hotel and dinner anything else ... travel actually, yes because this beloved lap goes with me. Anybody has an idea how people managed their life in the past 4 million years before C.E. (Computer Era)?
• Philippines
31 May 07
I do almost all of that too. I used to read my Bible everyday but now I prefer on line Bible reading. Even On Line Bible studies. I chatt with my kids on YM even if they were just using the computer in the next panel. I hate it whenever my mother tells me, "hey hermie, get yourself some sleep."
@mcthawk (48)
• Australia
31 May 07
For me it was when I forgot to feed the kids cause I had been abducted by the mylot aliens. I recently read an article that suggested that blogging was fast becomming unsocial behaviour?. Go figure
• Philippines
31 May 07
Oh I am glad I still dont forget to feed my kids. But really, forums such as this one, blogging and chatting were becoming an addiction to most people. myLot is also addicting especially when you get response from great people like you. Thanks for posting.
@kchylie (66)
• Philippines
1 Jun 07
sometimes i felt that king of situations but that is sometimes only.
@suwari (86)
• Malaysia
31 May 07
Well,I know myself.So i admit that im a computerholic(computer addict).You out there sure well yourself.