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June 1, 2007 4:48pm CST
After waiting several months for information about my husband's side of the family I finally received a copy (several pages) just this past Monday of his family tree (maternal side). I previously asked a couple family members on DH's side of the family for any information they had and I was told by my MIL that a lot of the information was already done, yet I was never able to get it from her, even though she promised to get it for me. :P So taking matters into my own hands I emailed her brothers and one of them came through for me! Yippee! Now I can continue to add information to the family tree I've been building online. Some interesting things I never knew about my husband's side of the family is that not only is his mom Polish, but French and German as well. Heck, maybe I was told at one time or another, but I could have forgotten! :P LOL Now all I need is information from my FIL's side as well as information on my mother's parents side (easier to say than my grandparents on my mothers side, don't you think? ;)). I have information for my living relatives on my mother's side, but for the deceased ones it stops at my grandparents. However on my dad's side I have information that dates all back the way to the 1500's. I'll still check in while working on this, but in case I miss a day or more of posting I wanted to let my friends know where I'll be. I don't want you to worry about me, after all! ;) Before I go, I have a question for those of you that have/are/or are thinking of building a family tree. Where does one stop when building a family tree? I know I'll have to stop eventually! LOL Besides adding the immediate family and usual ancestors do you add other family members such as your cousins, their spouses, their children, and so on? What about if there is any step family or adopted family member? Do you add this? Or do you skip this information when building your tree? Please share your thoughts. :)
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16 Jun 07
Ya Mom, I do have family tree that of my father. I have around 200 years back history of family members. After lot of survey, visit to various places we could be able to get family tree. Now we update it time to time whenever any family member is added in family. Seems your family tree is based on scientific research on various samples. Mine is based on written text available on Tadpatra (a kind of tree leaf).
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@byfaithonly (10716)
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2 Jun 07
Dear my family tree is such a mess it would confuse the best of geneologist... A very diverse, extended family tree. I just include anyone I find and figure I have the information - such as my ex-step-mother's family (she raised me and when she divorced my father she still remained my "Mom")... I haven't been able to work on mine in some time but when I do I get even more addicted to it than I am to myLot and will stay at it for days going without sleep many times.
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