One night stand

June 3, 2007 9:58pm CST
Anyone watch this tonight? What are your thoughts on the matches? Do you think that Vince is going to try something stupid to claim that Lashley cheated to win the title? What did you think about how RVD won the strecher match? Do you think he should have won differently than he did? What about the cage match? Should Batista have won it? Love to know your opinions.
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4 Jun 07
I am still dissappointed that Cena won, when is he finally gonna loose his title, yeh he is a good champ but, its getting boring seeing him as one. Id Ratehr C Khali as the champ or summin. I dont know what Vince is gonna do, and h ope that whatever it is, Lahsley will come outon top. I think RVD deserved to win the match, but why did that idiot Orton have to attack RVD after. I am not glad Edge won, but also think someone other than Bastista should get the title, like Kane, as he deserves a long title run.