Parenting techniques. So what doesn't work?

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June 7, 2007 1:01pm CST
My husband and I have recently tried the time out technique on our three year old, and aren't finding too much success. Lots of people swear by the time out. So, I thought I was doing it wrong, until I heard from another My Lot mom that time-outs don't work on her child either. Seems what works for one parent may not work for another. Sure you have your favorite parenting discipline technique? But, I'd like to know what doesn't work for you?
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@wenfri (1188)
• Canada
7 Jun 07
I had 1 son where it seemed nothing would work to discipline him Time outs didn't work, standing him in a corner didn't work, sending him to his room didn't work(loved it in there with his toys) I find that shaming him when he did things worked wonders Now I had to be careful what I said. Cause he never once heard I didn't love him out of my mouth I would say things like I am so disappointed in you right now You broke my heart by doing that Please son I don't want to talk you right now you have upset me I found he was more eager to please if he knew I was heart broken, or sad, or upset or even saw a few tears in my eyes. Believe it or not he was sensitive to my feelings that it worked till he was almost 9 years old. Keep in mind to reward for being good All the time not just some of the time I don't mean gifts either Money can't by what you are trying to do If they do a good job Say how proud of them you are Even if came out the time out 10 minutes ago. Give them a hug for behaving well. Or let's watch your fav tv show together or let's go for a walk together or to the park Anything to show are you are pleased with how they are behaving. Try to have more hugs, or pats on the back or smiles or laughs together Point out the good behavior. Sometimes we have to make a decision whether the bad behavior is draw attention to themselves or if they are just down right being bad. At times we need to ignore the attention grabbing behavior and punish the more serious problems Oh gosh I think I rambled on LOL Sure hope you can find a happy medium Also make both agree on the techniques to be used. Same goes for what the chikd wants. Not that the child asks you for something and you say no the child goes to Dad and he says yes. Let the child know you will discuss with your other half first then let them know. Keep that in mind when they are teenagers too LOL They will play one against the other wendy
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7 Jun 07
I have discovered that screaming and spankings do not work for me. They just end up causing stress for all of us and nothing i learned. I have been using natural consequences and time outs which do happen to work for my kids.