I have some questions

June 11, 2007 8:40am CST
Hello ,every friend of mylot ,I have some questions of mylot. How can i earn my money quickly ? In that earning page,i found there is a "images",what is this stand for? How can i know the comment of me by some one who started the discussion after i responsed? thks so much.
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@blackbriar (9080)
• United States
12 Jun 07
Images are photos that you can upload to earn money on. You can upload a photo to add to your discussion (after 500 posts) or to a related interest group. They must be your photos and not someone elses to earn money for them. Photos that you upload to your profile do not count thou.
• China
12 Jun 07
oh thks for ur kind response.Have a nice day.
@Coolgeth (1215)
• India
12 Jun 07
Hi gracelee114!! You can earn quickly by starting interesting disscussions that interests all category..Keep on responding to others disscusssions. While starting a new disscussion there is an option to add an image..So that you can upload an image..Also you can add an image when responding(For that you need to reach 500 posts)..For the last one i also dont know..Hope you will earn a lot soon in myLot..Good luck..
@youless (95281)
• Guangzhou, China
12 Jun 07
If you can think out a good topic and many people replies to you, then you can earn more. Also if you have replied to others, you can also earn from it, especially for best response. As to the "image", when you start a new discussion, you will see this icon. You can upload any images that stands for your discussion. If it is successfully uploaded, then you will earn $0.01 for it.
@once79 (89)
• China
12 Jun 07
I am not clear about it.This is an announcement made by MyLot:"If you're looking to earn for your photos,there is still a HUGE opportunity to earn .You will be compensated for each photo added to a disussion or an interest."Do you have ever noticed it?I can not understand completely this sentence. MyLot will inform you the new comment about you by E-mail.