are you an introvert or an extrovert?

@indywahm (808)
United States
June 14, 2007 8:58am CST
i think that i am ,somehow a little of both. Introverts tend to... * Get energy from inside themselves * Real world is the inner world of ideas, understanding and meaning * People of ideas and abstract invention, difficult to understand, often shy * Have a public and private self * Intense and passionate, tend to bottle up emotions * Feel drained by people, need privacy * Have a few close friends * Quiet in large groups, fear humiliation * Can concentrate intensely * Mentally rehearse before speaking, need time to make decisions * Learn by observing, live life only when they understand it * Go from considering to doing and back to considering Extroverts tend to... * Get energy from interaction outside * Real world is the outer world of people and things * People of action and practical achievement, east to understand, often sociable * Are the same in public and in private * Expansive and less impassioned, show emotions as they go along * Feel energised by people; feel drained by being alone * Make lots of friends easily * Outspoken in groups, take risks * Can be distracted easily * Think out loud, make decisions quickly * Learn by doing, understand life after they have lived it * Go from doing to considering and back to doing
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@wdiong (1818)
• Singapore
27 Aug 07
I am more of an introvert. Introverts tend to be quiet, low-key, deliberate, and relatively non-engaged in social situations. I take pleasure in solitary activities such as reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, listening to music. I enjoy time spent alone and find less reward in time spent with large groups of people . I prefer to concentrate on a single activity at a time and like to observe situations before I participate.
• Philippines
14 Jun 07
I'm mostly introvert. I'm the so called "anti-social" to our family. But at least I have change a lil bit since I can bond with my other siblings now.
@anurag4u (154)
• India
14 Jun 07
well the person i am cant be classified as introvert or extrovert. wen i need to work at home i work long hours at home, on my pc cut off from the rest of the world. when my job is outside, i work outside with more enthusiasm than the usual extroverts. i believe that my driving force my emotions drive me be in inside or outside. my devotion to my purpose is the key behind my zeal in life. i enjoy playing on the network with friends and also playing out in the fields. basically i live life fully the way i want to.