A Solution to ending Deadbeat parenthood.

@avonrep1 (1862)
United States
June 15, 2007 3:15pm CST
I'm a not for sure how to go about this. I have always been out spoken about somethings that I see happening in my community and trying to change things, when I see that they need changing. I have been able to make small strides here and there but I have a major one I want to take to Washington. I think I have found a solution to 90% of the non payment of child support in this country. This is what the US and other countries need to do. When a parent is not paying support, the first thing the courts need to find out is why? Sometimes it can be the ecomony that has caused a parent to stop paying support, and they are looking for work. In cases like this, as soon as work is found they will normally start paying again and they should never be consider deadbeats. There is a second catagory that can happen, and injury or illness, that makes a person disabled and they can no longer work. They get labeled deadbeats, when in reality, them and their children can draw disability. Now lets get to the real meaning of a dead beat and the solution to the problem. When the absent parent is running and hiding and working under the table to avoid paying support, taking off to different states, each time they are found then move to another. When they are doing this type of thing and they owe over $5,000 in back support, it should automatically lead to a warrant, that now matter what state they are in they are arrest. Sending offenders back and forth is way to expensive, so what we do is make them do community service. 40 hours a week until they get a job or start paying their child support. How many people do you know who wants to for 40 hours a week for no pay? These deadbeats tell the courts they are looking for work, but they never seem to get a job. There are many projects all around the country that needs to be done. Lets make all the deadbeats do the work. If they refuse to do the work, send them to prison camps, till they are ready to comply. A law needs to be in place, so when a parent trys to sherk their responsibilities that it is harsh enough to make them want to pay their support. It needs to be done nation wide, with federal backing and support. I bet if a law like that went into place. That millions of dollars in child support would be paid that same day and more with in the week. After enforcing the law they would find a way to make some type of payment on their support. I haven't worked out all the details yet. But it could work. Anyone ever try to get a new law passed? or improve exisiting laws? Anyone have any other idea's on how we can get deadbeats to start paying their support? Post it here and who knows maybe one day you will see your idea being put to use.
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
13 Oct 07
That sounds like a good idea. People do not want to work for free, especially if they do it for forty hours a week. Threatening them with that will make them more than willing to take any kind of job instead of sitting on their backside. They can then pay back what they owe, and the courts can take that payment into account. And since they did run off, they probably are living alone and have no one dependent on their money. The ones that are unable to find work because there are no jobs, or are disabled will be exempt, of course.
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@avonrep1 (1862)
• United States
14 Oct 07
When you can't find a job, you work for yourself, paying child support should be only one reason for being exempt are the disabled, but then they get 1600 a year for their minor children on top of their disabilty so I don't think they they should even be exempt.