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June 16, 2007 1:30pm CST
Today, I am creating this directory for the purpose of getting exposure for my other web and blog sites here on the net. Feel free to browse through them and even sign up for your own personal account (all are free to join) Enjoy! This blog is about the hobby of metal detecting and in addition there is a journal of my hunting activities as well. come back often for updates. This is for all you billionaires out there. How many of you are willing to share just a "penny's" worth of your resources? What do you mean a penny's worth? you ask? visit to find out!!! This is for all you who believe that communism is dead. Believe me it isn't To find out more visit this site. For loads of free informative articles on various subjects follow the link in this article to read to your hearts content. Are you a metal detector hobbyist concerned about the laws that could affect your right to enjoy your hobby? If so,visit this site. I was imagining some of the things I would do if I were president. Feel free to let your imagination run free. To post a comment visit this site. The way the homeless are treated in America is a disgrace for sure. To be a part of the solution and not the problem, see this blog. Tired of high gas prices? Wish there was a way to fight this? Stop by this blog for updates and feel free to post comments about what you think is behind it all and possible actions you or your friends would take to alleviate this problem This blog describes upcoming events related to competitive treasure hunts held across the country as they happen. the post there now describes the largest and longest lasting hunt of the year. If you or someone you know is into this type of hobby/sport, details visit this blog. Like to party? If so, follow the link in this post and join free. You can earn revenue from relevant ads when you post messages on this site. NOTE: You need an adsense account with Google here (also free to join) Want ebooks at a bargain price? ($1.00 for most for a limited time) Follow the link and check it out. Want your own blog? Go to this site and sign up for a small nominal monthly fee. If interested follow the link in the post. Another invitation to the bloggerparty site. This system worked for a while but stopped working recently. Check back for further developments. This is my personal hobby website. If you use metal detectors, this site will be useful to you. There you have it. I hope you enjoy these sites. stay tuned for additional sites to be added to this list. Thanks for looking and have a nice day. If the URL's are not clickable, just cut and paste them into the address bar in your browser
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