are psychiatrist/pharmacie companies trying to profit from illnesses

June 20, 2007 2:44pm CST
my husband has been on lithium for many years now to treat bipolar disorder..there has been many times though that we have attended his doctors appointments and they have asked him if it is good timing to try out repiradal... so my concern is are they just trying to use patients as guniea pigs to try out new meds, so they can maybe profit from it? i dont know if it is just me thinking that was just wondering what everyone else thinks
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@redfang (969)
20 Jun 07
Hmmmm this is not an easy question to answer really. My mother has had 3 nervous breakdowns and since my dad dying she's started off again, i see the shrinks as someone who she can talk to and thats really what they are, someone who is not close to you who you can unload all your bagguage onto and who will give you constructive answers and critacisms back. As for the meds part i am not too sure about that but i think that there may be an ounce of truth in what you say there.