are you a fashion fan or fashion slave?

@mari123 (1862)
June 22, 2007 12:57pm CST
We all need to be comfortable with what we wear. We want our appearance to be consistent with the occasions and circustances.How can we do this without becoming a fashion slave?We are bombared with magazines that show us the new fashions for each season and where we can buy trendy clothes in reasonable prices. If you get involved with many people in your work and if you have a social life you need to be careful with your cothes. I try to keep a balance and it takes much of my energy to handle this situation.Why people can't stop this foolishness?Why are we working so hard?To make some clever industries richer and richer? This dilemma is a real headache for me.
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@gotcho0O (1258)
• United States
22 Jun 07
Right! And that's is one of my mottos. Wear what's comfortable. So, to answer your question, I would say both. That is one part of our life. Some people enjoys the fashion thing while some are not. It's a procedure the way we live life. Someone rich will create and work to sell the products and somebody will buy it... You know, it's a cycle which both are working hard in different ways. And clothing is essential nowadays.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
22 Jun 07
you forgot one...a fashion victim...some people just dont get it when it comes to clothes... but to answer your question, i myself am a fashion realist...i wear what looks stylish (getting one or two pieces each season then shopping at thrift stores and second hand stores to get other stuff... for me, its important to look good, (somewhat professional @ work - i work in a business casual type of atmoshpere) but its also very important for me to dress in a style that shows my creativity! i am a freelance writer and photographer, so that side of MUST shine through!
@Dan_ul (858)
• Romania
22 Jun 07
as a fan it doesn't suit me and as a slave I don't suit her... I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing and my appearances are very consistent... I mean I got some complaints but never really changed... just little tiny things... so I guess fashion it's not for me... and never will be I guess...