can you help me,pls?

June 27, 2007 5:11am CST
i'm a new user on can i make money for sure?does it really work?pls help m.thanks
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@Corezz (1017)
• Netherlands Antilles
27 Jun 07
Shure it works. Right now I have 7.24 $ in my acount. You can make money from youre referals, I think your refer link is: . TEll your friends and how cool is this site, to sign up with your refer link. From time you will get used to it. Don't forget this site because you can be always payd. . It's very nice. You can upload photos in the interests section earn good money from it to! . Youre earnings are updated in 24 hours. I am from Romania so that means at 5 o clock. I hope this hepllped you I've seen you didn't comment back to your discussions, you can make a discussion and 100 people can respond to it, so you comment back to them and earn more money! You wiil get reputation from your stars rating. Respond over 100 posts to have a star at your name. Good Luck, I am here if you need something.
• Romania
27 Jun 07
thanks :)
@missak (3311)
• Spain
27 Jun 07
I have got $11 each month, and I have heard people earn much more here. What you have to do is make good discussions that would get a lot of responses, and also respond to others wiht interesting answers that they will rate "+" and even give you best responses. A tip people told me is to write more than 3 lines always. Also if you get lots of active referrals you will earn more (25% of what each of them make).
• India
27 Jun 07
you can make little money out of it but yes you can make a lot number of friends.