June 27, 2007 12:47pm CST
I run a few yahoogroups. Go to for the full list. How many yahoogroups do you run? How do you use them? I use them to advertise the various activities that I do. I also let people who live in the various neighborhoods post, it is really a hobby, it doesn't provide much income, unfortunately. Any suggestions for more income from this?
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@GardenGerty (105281)
• United States
27 Jun 07
I do not know anything about yahoogroups. How do you make money with them. I thought they were just a social group. I would like a step by step on how to do it, if it can provide an income. I am at least interested. I will watch this discussion to see what else we learn.
• Israel
28 Jun 07
I basically use it as a community bullitin board. I post items that I have for sale, or services that I do and sometimes people call. I started the Israel-Klezmer group because I wanted to know more about Klezmer Music in Israel. Sometimes people post events that are happening so that part works.
• Israel
8 Jul 07
I used my own yahoogroup to promote that I am a music teacher and some one a neighbor posted that they wanted a guitar teacher for his daughter. Before I posted it to the group, I called the neighbor and I got the job!!
• Kottayam, India
28 Jun 07
Long time not seeing thanks for re appearing, Keep it up
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