How Long You learn Driving ?

June 28, 2007 3:27am CST
Me using 3 weeks ! Yeah !
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@sonia23 (323)
• India
16 Jul 07
i dont drive,i am learning
@steve9737 (918)
• Colombia
16 Jul 07
I have not learned to drive yet, I hope to start to learn soon because I think move from my country and I think it is very important.
@vson2007 (11)
• Malaysia
15 Jul 07
less than 10 hours. yeh... yeh... i know you all will say i bluff... but it is true... most of the 10 hours i use is the L parking and drive up hill. my learning fee and test fee all include is only RM200. no need to "BAO"...:)
@thefuture (1750)
• Nigeria
30 Jun 07
I will want to learn it too, but I can't just afford the fees, but I think I can learn it in two weeks. Thanks and have a nice day.
@senthil2k (1501)
• India
29 Jun 07
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It took me about 18 days to complete my Driving class. But it was a great fun while learning the Driving. That too, when I first handled the car, if felt so good.
29 Jun 07
all my life (cackling)
• Pakistan
28 Jun 07
It just took three days to learn it and yeah on the third day i was on high way and love to that even at that time i dont have the license but it was fun at that time.
@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
28 Jun 07
i started driving when i was 16, just two years before i go for the driving test.i learned it my brother. i went to driving training for 3 times, and i passed it on the first test. so, i should said that, i am not a "kopi" lisence..
• Australia
28 Jun 07
Hello sexycoley I was 18 years old when I learn driving. And I need 10 days, before I start drive by my own. Really a great experience for me. I really like high speed but my trainer didn't allowed me to do that, make me mad if I have to drive slowly. LOL Now I really like driving my own car. God bless you *angel