2 doubts on linux .....please help

June 29, 2007 12:17am CST
hi , i have 2 things for which i need help ....very urgent...i am currently using ubuntu linux ..i bought a card reader from local hardware store...it works fine with windows xp but is not detected in ubuntu...i have googled many hours but in vain...so some one please help...the card reader is a 19 in 1 reader small blue one no company name....just a CE sign on it...but when i installed ubuntu inside vmware server in windows xp the ubuntu read the card reader ...but when i install ubuntu natively on my machine it is not detecting the card reader... 2nd one is which linux distribution is the best and most stable one....a lil userfriendly is enough. ...but i need good security and stability and i wanna use kvm or qemu ...also all applications must work easily without giving me much of a head ache.....preferably a gnome edition...but if kde of some version is better please do suggest.... my mind: 1. Ubuntu - if it reads my card reader(if u guys could solve the problem) 2. Fedora - Gnome (if no one suggests kde is better ) 3. Suse - Some one Help Please.....
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• Denmark
8 Jul 07
Have you tried asking the Ubuntu forum for help with your card reader?