Drinking Coffe can give thousands of Money!!!

June 30, 2007 10:11am CST
I have recently join this very lucrative business also, this called wise consumerism. The Company is great and the Concept is great, what I do is make my groceries to them, all their products is consumable and very healthy especially in the pocket!!! lol, it gives me money more than I imagine, I have just Drink their Healthy Coffee with blend with pure herbal goodness. Interested to know more please visit their sites!!! You may research their Products, the name of their Company is DXN, or Daxen in the US maybe, can you please look with this, I think they are open to 78 Countries according to their speaker or what, can you please help me to know if they are really present in any Countries, what Countries do they present as of now!!!
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