Web Site Look and Question

United States
July 9, 2007 2:32pm CST
Hi all, I got my own business web site that I made about a couple weeks ago. The address is located on http://www.bostwickdesigns.com It is a service that I created to design web sites and currently also to post up my writings as well so that I could get hired for that as well. There is a form posted on there for people to sign up to hire me for a service. Right now, I didn't put a phone number yet due to not having long distance but perhaps at some point, I will only when I have my own phone and can afford to pay it whenever I need to. I also got a matching domain email address when I got my domain and same with hosting as well. With that as well, I also put up a business AIM name just for that purpose as a point of contact. There are also links to some of the web sites I built and designed myself. You could say that it is apart of my business and I thought something like that would be good to see only so that way clients can get an idea on what I can do though I probably will redesign some of the sites at some point. My question concerns possibly thinking about making templates. I had thought about doing this myself making some templates with a page that can be viewed and also downloaded. Would it be legal to go ahead and make customized templates for money as well on this or don't do that? I want to make sure I'm doing some legal but I go into it. Maybe somewhere here can help me out on that. Thanks for your time.
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