how to make up for your wrong doing?

July 10, 2007 12:07pm CST
I ruined someone's day by acting so childish and getting mad for something that i overreacted and thought wrong without asking for any explaination or hearing her side first. For that, i know i made her cry deep inside her, and i've hurt her emotionally and through my words and actions. I really felt bad about it. I realized how stupid and immature i become. I think i was selfish once again. I want her to feel that i very much regret what i did. i want to make up something for her or do something or even give something to cover up for what i did and to heal her wound. What should i do? can you give me some advice? what words could i best say and in what way so as to let her know that i want to change and not to do it again. What stuff could i prepare or do or give that would not cost too much to make her feel special and loved again? thanks...
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@IL2Knit (1141)
• United States
12 Jul 07
You just need to tell her you are very very sorry. Te;ll her if you could take it all back you would. Tell her she did nothing wrong. If you can get her a small gift, like flowers or a toy stuffed animal. If you just have her email then you could send her email flowers. I hope it workes out.
@hiprasan (17)
• India
10 Jul 07
Ther is nothing wrong in your mistake it happens some times for evry one, after all nobody is perfect. You hav done a mistake but u realised the fault in you that shows that u wont do that mistake again. Dont think that you need to give her something in order to compensate. Dont compensate the love with things, what she need is only your love. So, just go to her and tel her frankly that its purely your mistake and you dont want to justify it for any cause. and tell her to forgive you for the wound which you have made in her and tell that u mean it from the bottom of your heart. Just realize how much she would hav suffered then the words wil come automatically from your heart... Please dont compensate with things, if you still wish to give her some thing, giv her a sweet hug and a deep kiss... (Important, with her permission) Keep loving...
• Philippines
10 Jul 07
I, somewhat, did things that really ruined others day. I usually overreacted to what others do. At times, I find myself saying sorry. I tried (& succeeded) to make amends to them. =) If you really think you're wrong, I guess it's already enough and don't forget to say sorry sincerely.