Living Human Refuse

July 19, 2007 4:22pm CST
It has come to my attention that when its all on the line, and I give anything at all my best effort the world will spit in my face. I know what you're thinking "Oh how emo, oh what a whiner, etc. etc." But I've got proof. In an early post of mine I spoke my mind about being fired from a job I did exceptionally well at, and was quoted as being "one of the best". Well, I was fired due to a disability, and wanted to fight the decision, so I went to the temp agency that got me hired there and asked for a copy of the agreement of my employment which had stated on it what I needed to do, and what I couldn't do in order to keep my job. I was to give this to my lawyer in order to make my case. Well I contacted PARAGON GROUP OF COMPANIES to get a copy of that contract. Not only was I treated like a hostile person over the phone, hung up on several times, and also terminated from the employment agency, but I also didn't get paid for a job I did on their behalf in the mean time. So there it is. One mans greatest work cost him everything he had. Because of this, I have been without a job in 4 weeks, cannot pay rent, buy food, or otherwise support myself beyond this point in time. So yeah, if you see what seems like a fat, ugly waste of existence begging for change in the street, and you don't want to give me change for something to eat, at least kick me in the face until I stop breathing. Have a good week
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