im at breaking point

@nic24uk (571)
July 21, 2007 7:09am CST
my 21 month old son is driving me insane. a few times i have gone in his room and found him with no clothes or nappy on because he has taken them off and he has spread poo all over him self and the cot. so i now put him to bed in a baby grow. well this morning i got him dressed and put him in the play pen while i made his breakfast and when i retuned i found that he had covered himself and the play pen in poo he was still dressed and had been putting his hand down his nappy and wiping it everywhere i just dont know what to do to make him stop doing this. hes always got his hands down the back of his nappy when im with him so its not like hes just doing it when im not there. what can i do to get him to stop doing this?
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