How would you let go of someone who had been an important part of your lfie?

@sr0415 (1140)
July 28, 2007 11:30pm CST
I made a previous discussion about moving on and making decisions on life, and I saw another discussion that was similar to mine so I clicked the link. The user was asking how he was supposed to let go then move on. I made a comment there and after that, I decided to post a discussion regarding letting go. (Wow! I feel like I am soooooo knowledgeable about this! LOL) hehehe... =p ----------------- "If you can't let go now, either you never will or you're not supposed to." - I got this line through blog-hopping. *hehe* I just want to comment on this one, because it is also similar to my discussion. LETTING GO... Hmmm, it may be about something you have for years now that left you with no choice but to let go, or a certain experience that is of value to you but you need to learn to accept that it is just now a PLAIN experience and you can no longer move time and go back to it, or it may be about a person who has become a great part of you whom you need to get over with. It ain't easy, right? Yup! As everybody says, changes are the only constant things in this world and dealing with them always gives us a difficult start. We are not in control when they arrive. We are even unaware that they will come. We are like ants who used to follow a pattern and are suddenly "shaken off" when somebody else interferes to where we want to go. (There! The ants are now STARRING in this discussion. LOL) hehe.. :p Hmmm... For me, "letting go" is not the right words to say; ACCEPTANCE is a more appropriate term. No matter how much you say that you're fine or convince yourself that you will be ok, you are not. A part of you still longs for that thing/person which/whom you let go. You have never let go! Think about this. How can you let go of something that has been of great essence to you? Of a person who has been one of the reasons why you are the person that you are right now? Or of that certain something that at one point, was what you wanted for your life? It's just sooooo hard to let go, right? It's because.... it should have been more of accepting these inevitable changes and of realizing that there are reasons why certain things have to happen. It's a matter of perspective. The choice is in YOU whether you continue dwelling on things you can no longer change or take a sip of this simple realization and move on. Once you do this, always remember to be thankful that for once in your life, you were blessed for having such thing, going through with that experience, and being with the person. =) *************** But then, I know.. I know... that it is always easier said than done. I, too, cling on the past most of the time. =p hehe... But, I'm learning to deal with the changes and live at the present moment. :) *************** There, I'm glad I was able to share this. :)
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
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5 Aug 07
There is never an easy way to let go of anyone like that. But, with time, you will heal and you will forget about them somewhat. Not completely but at least partially.
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