Let's invent a game!

United States
July 29, 2007 9:57am CST
Here's my latest idea to battle the summertime blues currently suppressing discourse on myLot: a new game I'll call, "What a Future Alien Archaeologist Finds", or WaFAAF, for short. The premise: many millenia from now, after humanity's reign over the Earth has passed, aliens arrive on a journey of discovery. After much exploring and mucking about, they start to dig, and they find - wonder of wonders! - your house. What do they find, and how do they interpret it? What do they decide it is? Include your photos, we need every penny we can get! Alternatively, for the more literary types, imagine the FAA's find your writings. How do they translate them? What do they finally decide they mean? I apologise in advance for expecting you to stretch out your neural network. This is a game you can play while mowing the lawn or sunning on the beach, all you need is your imagination... and possibly a way to write down your ideas. If that's too much work, perhaps you'd prefer a yard sale.... http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/1163923.aspx
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
13 Mar 08
I really didn't expect this and I was so surprised that anybody out there would put my imagination into words. You see, it has been playing in my thoughts for quite a while now. 'What if one day we'll all perish and suddenly, aliens from outer space came along and found our planet? What would they find?' But I guess I would consider you more imaginative than I am. I haven't thought of inventing a game for this; I was only confined with my thoughts. Anyway, I guess the aliens would get a bit irked by my personal belongings. I'm already married but at present, we still don't have our own house. We're currently renting and I only have bits and pieces of furnitures and clothes. Maybe they'd think I'm a funny person because I still cling to my Archie comic books and digests. I also do keep a lot of memorabilia of my school days, my friends' photos, greeting cards from them, and stuff like these.
• United States
24 Mar 08
LOL... I guess they'd think I was a warrior, with all my softball bats, hockey sticks and goalie pads! They would probably think I was kind of simple minded, because I needed to have lots of decorative soft cloth stuffed objects around my bed for comfort. I wonder if they would think my Basset Hound was some sort of object of worship, because of all her toys, treats, blankets and bed. It's hard to drop the perspective of our human experience and look at things with unknowing eyes, isn't it? Thanks for playing!