Would you consider immigrating to another country?

August 5, 2007 1:57am CST
If given the prospect of a good job overseas with better pay than anything you can get at home... would you consider immigrating overseas? Would you go anywhere? Or would you be selective about which country you would be prepared to go to? Would the thought of abandonning your parents and siblings stop you from immigrating?
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@Calais (10900)
• Australia
5 Aug 07
No, I dont think that i would..I would be too scared to leave home, scared of the unknown and moving to an entire different country. I havnt seen Australia yet so I would rather see that before I would have any desire to go abroad..
• Japan
5 Aug 07
I have lived abroad for 16 years and even though I have my family (hubby and four kids)here I still miss home. I live in Japan near hubbys hometown, there are a lot of good things here and I have a good standard of living but it is hard that my kids have grown up without really knowing my family. We visit when we can, but now with older kids, expense and school schedules mean that going home is very difficult.
@thebeing (657)
• Romania
5 Aug 07
of course i would do it...in fact, i want to! about being selective of the countries i'd like to go...hm... first of all, NO USA! i'd rather starve here, in Romania (or anywhere else) than goin' to that........ I'd like to go to Australia, Germany, even Japan. And, about abandonning the parents...hm..my folks always said to me that if i could go somewhere far away but have a better life, not to think twice of goin'! I don't think of it as abandonning those you grew up with, but as making yourself a better life! cheers!
@anirc750310 (3424)
• Romania
5 Aug 07
Well once I thought about but now I deffinetly not want to go abroad and live there. My family is here my friends, people knows and appreciates you right here, why to go somewhere where they subestimate you untill you proof you are better then they, doesn't worth it. My standards are ok here in my country so I guess it is ok for me to live here in Romania.I would like only to visit the other countries for the reason I already described you in your former discussions. take care!