Do u use sugarfree or sugar?Do sugarfree works?

August 6, 2007 5:40am CST
Now a days people are switched on to sugarfree.I use normal sugar. Do u use sugarfree? Are sugarfree are safe? Do they work?
2 responses
• United States
6 Aug 07
My fiancee uses splenda, and i have to agree in some things you cannot tell the difference, as for if they work or not it's really up to what aspects you are questioning.
• Kuwait
6 Aug 07
does it works for diabetics or sugar problems
• India
17 Aug 07
in our house we use normal sugar.its because my mom gets it whenever she goes for shopping for such stuffs.besides since my parents are doctors,they get those sugar-free samples from time to we use both general sugar as well as sugarfree. i think sugar-free are safe mostly for them who are diabetic and are recommended to avoid works great for them.otherwise normal sugar will work for general people.we need certain nutrients that we get from normal sugar.sugar-free is for them who are having excess of sugar in their blood. and taking both way for people without any severe condition won't harm.