Kobe Bryant is in a mess, what should he do?

August 8, 2007 12:27am CST
Kobe Bryant is a strong and self-confident basketball player. nobody can defeat him in the field, only he himself has the chance. what would he do when he faces to the situations: divorcement, NBA final championship and so on. he is really in a mess! I hope he will soon get rid of all of these troubles. do you have any suggestions for him?
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• China
8 Aug 07
Hello, i like the basketball very much and usually watch NBA matches in CCTV5 the last year.I don't like Kobe Bryant very much because i think that he is very selfish in the match in despite of he is the best basketball player. Now he is in trouble ,i hope he can deal with those things right now and do more exercises to get the NBA Final Chanpionship.God bless him!!
• China
9 Aug 07
thank you for your comments. Yeah,he is a little selfish sometimes, but we should consider his situations, he tried to do better, but unfortunately his fellow men can not assist him when the time for wining game comes. men should suffer a lot befoer he becomes a real man. I will always support him, i like his spirit in the basketball game.