single and clueless

@gesell03 (173)
August 10, 2007 1:10am CST
why are you single? is it because you believe that there is someone right there waiting for you, a soulmate, that you dont actually move on and do something to actually meet people? like for me 19 ,never had a date, never had a boyfriend, always busy with my school projects or problems in the family, i never did have the time for romance and im beginning to think that i am meant to be single and somehow being single is not that bad , like i see married couples divorce and i dont think i can handle the pressure of having kids, i dont really know , but what i do know is that I must fulfill my dreams and if that man doesnt arrive,atleast i could still say i have lived my life the best i can.
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• Malaysia
10 Aug 07
aha..aha..I like it!!!I like your question. thank you. You ask me for why I'm single? Easy answer, because I'm not DOUBLE!!!.....ha..ha..ha.. sorry just kidding my dear friend. Never joke will never smile. Actually I got what you've meant for. OK come back to your point of discussion. Being single does not means that will never end up with marriage. It is about just want to search for the 'one-head' life partner. Even though nobody can produce an everlasting guarantee certificate for any marriage made. Marriage is actually normal human nature. If you're still a school learner/student, observe carefully at the magnet. There are + and - poles. Why and what was it? Without that polarity functions it will no longer call or having said a magnet. From that two(2) different poles reacting to each other, a motor has be invented. And add up with innovations, many revolutionary products have been the outcome and generating advantages and disadvantageous to human usage. Similarity happening to marriage. There are many advantages and disadvantageous that absolutely will be. The conclusion is, it depend on individual to look into what are the benefits that will begetting in future. So come back to you again, don't you ask deeply into yourself for your existence in this world? That your parents have been enjoying and taking benefits from their marriage, isn't it? Don't take pre-phobia steps and jump into the conclusion. Be Best For All. I'm Here; Uncle Michael.
@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
10 Aug 07
I'm still single because i' not ready yet to be double! But maybe 5 years later i will be double with my love one!
@zaichn (319)
• Philippines
10 Aug 07
I think there are lots of factors why a person is single. Mainly, by choice. Like if a girl wasn't asked out by anyone yet, then definitely the girl in particular can't do anything but just wait for the "one" who is rightful for her. Also, the man/woman can simply choose not to go out with anybody. There's lots of reasons. One thing is because they are busy with their work, career, studies. Sometimes, parents or relatives can be a factor. Like here in the Philippines, mostly girls aren't allowed to date or be in a relationship when she is still studying.. etc.. you know it. :) youre a filipina. Being single is cool though. No worries, no heart aches, no problems to deal with. But sometimes, its just lonely. Take good care!