How many cell phone do you use in the same time?

August 10, 2007 10:48pm CST
I think that some people use at least 3 phones for their purposes. One is for work, one for their sweethearts and relatives, one just for chating (i mean this phone number is used when you were asked for phone #, and you don't want to share your real number). By anyway, it's so funny. But 10% of my friends used phones like that.
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@bluishrose (2291)
• Philippines
20 Aug 07
I have lots of friends who uses several phones... but for me one is enough. Its easier for me to handle all my contacts with just one phone. I just make groups for me to organize them.
@rubygrace (649)
• Philippines
17 Aug 07
only have one cell phone and have one and only sim card
@kreizhy (111)
• Philippines
13 Aug 07
Back in college, I used to have 2 cellphones, one my globe and the other sun. Because that time sun cellular offers unlimited text and calls so I bought sun sim and a new cheap phone. Half of my block mates uses sun so I decided to buy the same so we could reach each other.
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
11 Aug 07
i used to have 2 phones, each with different providers. but then i realized that i didn't really need two phones as its a waste of money maintaining 2 lines, so i got rid of one, and got a pda instead. much easier on the wallet. i know of some people who regularly use 3 phones at a single time, and i don't know how they juggle those multiple phones. one time, i even saw a friend using 3 phones, and alternating 5 different sim cards in those phones! now that's something.
• Portugal
11 Aug 07
I got two cellphones; these were used at the same time. One for the family and one for the business. I used two cellphones because I don't want to have some nonsense incoming calls or text messages in my business cellphone number. :)
• United States
11 Aug 07
You know, I must be so caveman. I don't even have one cell phone. I can't even believe that people acctually have 3 at a time. How would you keep up with that, or even afford that?