Lost In Translation: On Living Abroad

ballet on the sand - company outing, shandong china
August 11, 2007 9:40am CST
Its about a month since I came here to China to work. And I must say, it didn't took long for me to feel lost. The LANGUAGE itself makes you feel numb. Having have to work with workers you cannot understand is such a huge burden, for I can't be as productive as I should... Lost for words! I feel like they could sell me alive without me knowing haha... But the langguage, they said I could perfect in time. By listening and trying to communicate on a way I could. Right now, 'm not as lost as I was before, and their langguage had been somehow a music to my ear. I just hope I could learn soon... Living far from home is tough. But not being able to understand could be harder... But its the same difficulty that could help you go through your goals. Me, 'm taking my time... for I know I still have plenty to discover. Have you ever been lost lately?
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• Philippines
30 Dec 07
You will be able to learn and understand their language, with patience and keen interest. My sister even learned Greek and she is now translating the Holy Bible from Greek to English. She has already published THE WILL BIBLE (New Testament), GENESIS, EXODUS, LEVITICUS (Greek-English), etc. There are also many others who learned other languages and can speak well. Just be patient and practice speaking the language.