How do you find a way out when you are in depression?

August 15, 2007 1:06am CST
I changed my major during my first year study in university.and I had to take 6 extra courses at the second year.I got 40 classes a week. At weekends,I would go to the downtowm aera to attend courses which prepared me for my interpretor test.Ayou can imagine,I did not get a good score in microbiology and zoology at the end of this semester.Beacuse of the pressure,I felt sad and dreary everyday.I wanted to get out of it.Have you ever been in this kind of situation?How did you deal with it?
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• Ireland
15 Aug 07
Wow, how are you standing? Your body is probably telling you to slow down. Exercise. Even just a 20 minute walk can help to relieve the stress and give you an energy boost. Are you getting your two litres of water? Are you eating regular meals to keep your mind and body nurtured? When ever my body feels run down and achy after a long day, I do this before I go to sleep and I wake up all energised the next morning. Lie down on yur back. Make sure you are warm enough. Follow your breath as it goes in and out. Then start at your toes and say "I love my toes!. Do this for every part of your body and even your internal organs. You will sleep better and feel better. Good luck!
• China
16 Aug 07
Thanks for your advice .I 'll have a try