Lich. Pure awesomeness.

@Fratey (37)
August 22, 2007 12:49pm CST
I just decided to try Battle Lich just for fun. Guess what? It was a total ownage, and still fun. Early game is a breeze, thanks to his awesome spell + his unlimited mana thanks to Dark Ritual. Mid game is fantastic thanks to chain frost spam + still unlimited mana, and his pretty good attacking skills thanks to his soon-to-be MKB. Late game is almost as good, thanks to his damage capability AND his 55 sec cooldown ulti. I barely went HP, since armor is so much better. I ended up with like +30 armor or something, can't remember. The skill build is that normal frost-ritual one. Item build: 2 ironwood brances, RoR Then complete headdress, then buckler, and then do a Mekansm. Now you need Power Treads (in 85% of games). Else go BoT. Then, go MKB. After this, go Assault Cuirass. Blink dagger is optional IF NEEDED. Now the game REALLY should end. Else grab a aghanim's or something. Mana never will be a problem thanks to Dark Ritual. DISCUSS LOL
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• India
23 Aug 07
Lich sure is an awesome hero, but he is in trouble when his enemies have hood of defiance. The spells do not do much damage. I feel that, as with most intelligence heros, AntiMage is the worst enemy of Lich, isnt he? Whenever we use chainfrost, he can blink away, and correct me if Im wrong, it will miss. Even if it doesnt miss when he blinks away, it will not bounce to other units, so only one hit. But what to do about Faceless Void and his irritating backtrack? And skeleton kings Reincarnation are the most bugging skills.
• Philippines
23 Aug 07
yep he's right, lich is really a power full hero in terms of spamming frost nova. I really do like lich but it never crossed my mind to turn it into a battle type one. I prefer sticking on the magic type lich. Lich will be more useful. Maximizing it's support capabilities and magic spamming skills will be the more appropriate build for lich :P
@Fratey (37)
• Sweden
24 Aug 07
I agree that Lich will be a little less teamfriendly with that typical caster build, but man, He has basically unlimited mana thanks to his Dark Ritual. He never has a problem with mana thanks to it. With battle lich he won't be crap lategame with his lvl 3 chainfrost to relay on. He can still spam both earlygame and lategame.
@leonraks (38)
• Philippines
4 Sep 07
cool lich! hehehe... lich is a early game hero! right?
• Malaysia
6 Sep 07
i think lich is neither early nor late game hero.lich is a game hero..he can very good in early game and still a powerful hero in late game.
• United States
23 Dec 10
That build is horrendous. Against anyone decent you would get destroyed.
• Philippines
16 Feb 09
Lich can be awesome if used properly. But in cases like 1v1 lich is not a good hero for it. There are numbers of hero that can harass lich. Like viper , broodmother , tinker etc etc... For 5v5 his dark ritual is a good skill in order for the enemy ally lane to be level gap due to no exp. His chain frost for clash. But I dont recommend using this hero.
@Valce1 (173)
• Canada
9 Sep 07
Lategame lich is pretty lame against enemies who are mostly str heroes. Lich is great if you're up against an agi/int hero. Still, sounds like your opponents didn't know what they were doing if they didn't try to nuke/gank you. Worst comes to worst they oculd have hung back out of range of frost nova
@Acceed (33)
• Sweden
25 Aug 07
Sounds like complete god. Nuff said.