dog hair problem....

August 23, 2007 1:16am CST
now that some questions have been answered. more problem are needing solutions. DOG HAIR. after Joaqee(my dachshund) baths, lots of hair sheds and its those fine hairs sometimes hard to see. What should I do? will brushing help? What kind of brush is right for him? Also his constantly chewing stuff. I know I need a chew toy for him but what kind? How About rawhide?
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23 Aug 07
Star - Our Pup Star at the Beach.
You need to brush him when hes done with his bath to get all the loose hair out. Use a regular dog brush with soft bristles. They work nice. As far as the chewing disipline him for it. Tell him no{I usually snap my fingers to} and remove him from what hes chewing on give him a toy he can chew on. Cut it out now or it will get worse and your whole house will be chewed up. Try a rope, a kong{put treats inside} a ball, a frisbe. Rawhide is ok but you have to make sure they chew it and dont swallow chunks. It can get caught in the intestins and they wont be able to go poop. Then you have a real big problem. Animal bones are good to the marrow in them is good for your dog. But make sure they chew them. Only give them one every 5-7 days. If your dog throws upo while eating/or after eating one dont give them any more. Hope this Helps!! Here is a pic of our pup Star at the beach.