Help Needed Regarding PHP.

August 28, 2007 5:45am CST
Hi....Please help me!! I have installed a PHP script on my website but the problem is that when you give your email address for signup it says that a confirmation email has been sent but the problem is that it is not sending the confirmation email! Please help me sort out this matter!!
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• India
13 Sep 07
Sometimes other email service providers mark some mails as spam and would send it to the spam folder. Check if it is there. If it is not in the spam folder then the see if you got sendmail enabled in your hosting account. Most of the free hosting account people would not allow sending emails from the site. Just put up a support ticket with them.
• Pakistan
31 Aug 07
Helper is right, but you should else check the script if its correct or not, try to use any other script if possible and also check if your hosting provider has enabled mailing feature on your account.
• Canada
28 Aug 07
hi qadir5000, You might get the best help if you go to your hosting help pages and see if there is a support ticket system. If so, ask the hosting company, directly, how to resolve the problem. Also - did you use a very 'generic' address to sign up for hosting with - like a hotmail or yahoo address? You may have to go into your hotmail or yahoo account and add the hosting site address to your hotmail or yahoo 'whitelist.' Perhaps the email is being sent from the hosting company but hotmail or yahoo is blocking it, mistaking the new address for spam.