smoking ban

August 29, 2007 7:37am CST
Smoking has been banned here in England in enclosed public places. One of the funniest responses to this ban that I have heard was from a man discussing it on the radio. He complained that he has been a passive smoker for over 40 years. Now he can't feed his habit any more because every place he goes to has no smoke in the air. So he has now had to take up smoking for the first time in his life
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@IcyCucky (361)
• United States
29 Aug 07
I like the ban smoking in public places, since it's more dangerous for people who don't smoke. Look ar all the children around you, don't shouldn't be subjected to second hand smoke at all. It bothers me to see children in enclosed car with a smoker. Consideration must taken into account. As for that guy, I think it's just his excuse. If he was just an occassion smoker, than not smoking for a few hour isn't all that matter. He has a choice, but he chooses to do differently.
29 Aug 07
I think actually it was a bit tongue in cheek. He wasn't being serious
@rosie_123 (6118)
29 Aug 07
LOL! I like that! And as for the smoking ban - please don't get me started because I hate it. And it certainly won't make me give up smoking because I get mad when the "Nanny State" tells me what to do!!