If you are an object.. What would you be?

By joy
@MGjhaud (20861)
September 5, 2007 7:49am CST
Describe and define why you chose such thing.. Including a photo would be nice.
2 responses
• Philippines
5 Sep 07
If I am an objst, I would be a computer. Why? Because I am a versatile person with exceptional skills. You can ask me to do this, do that, go to this field, go to that, and i would be able to cope. Now like the computer when it starts to experience system problems, I am also hard to figure out. Only a very good troubleshooter could do this job well.
@joshboz (1214)
• Australia
5 Sep 07
i would like to become a television. hehehe. i like to become a television because people will never dispose me and always care for me and always value me. they will see me no matter what is the hour in a day. they will need me whenever they want to relax, watch news, movie or get the latest information. television is relaly cool and most children loves it. most of the time i bring out different emotin of the person because if they watch something funny then their faces will be smiling or laughing, i also can make them cry if they watch drama or love stories and lastly, i can make them frighten when they watch horror movies or suspenseful movies. im sorry dear friend because i cannot still upload a photo for it because my posts is below 500 and that right to post is not yet for me. but if ever i will post, a photo of a t.v. will be great.