are you getting tired of using mylot......

September 6, 2007 12:24am CST
me yah but i want to earn, so thats the reason why until now im still here in mylot posting ,repying, adding friends...etc i really want to earn can you give some other website where i could earn
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• Philippines
6 Sep 07
Well when i was a newbie like you, and actually making 100posts for about 3weeks before, i was earning $2 a month. It was because i am not that positive about on earning good here. But now, i've been earning $15 or more, it is because, i am really interested to earn more and i am focus here and spending time like 3hours to 4hours a day just only for mylot. Just work hard and determination and you can make a goal of $2 a day here and even more! Have a nice day ahead from kiko and happy posting and earning here buddy!
• United States
6 Sep 07
I'm not completly bored of mylot, but I understand what you are saying. Sometimes I have to take a couple days break from mylot just to get away from it. But I always come back faithfully and happily! =P Another site you could earn from is Helium. You get money for articles you post. But you do only earn money when people read your articles. You get 1 cent for every 1 view per article. So if you wrote 10 articles and 1 person viewed them all you would get 10 cents. The good thing about it is you could write 1 article and keep earning money off of it (slowly but surely). But you do have more success with Helium the more/better you write. Moola is another site to earn money. You basically just play games to raise how much money you have. You have a chance to win a bunch of money, but you also have a chance to loose it all. Yuwie is a new site that gives you money for referrals and your page views. It may start off slow (like it is for me) but if you keep working at it you will get more page views and you'll be more successful. VUME is a site to earn money from your pictures, videos, songs, etc. I haven't earned much on it, but I've only posted about 8-10 pictures. Good Luck! :)