Why is it that children are too stubborn?

September 7, 2007 12:32am CST
Why is it that the very thing that you dont want your child to do, they do? How do you handle this thing if it happens to you? I feel like i am losing control over them.
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@2babita (1074)
• India
7 Sep 07
Well,I think nowadays all children are like this.They want to live in their own style.Its really becaming painful for the parents.But I think parents should not give up hope.I think they need more love and care.I think it will change them.
@sephrenia (567)
7 Sep 07
A lot of the time, when a child does something you have spefically asked them not to do, it is because they want to test the boundaries you have set. They want to see just how far you will enforce your rules and how much they can get away with. The best thing to do is, when you set a rule or boundary, make sure that if they step over the line, they get punished for it, even if it's only stopping them watching TV or taking away pocket money and stick to it! When I first started putting rules into place I gave in too easily because I just didn't want to hear the whining about why they couldnt do something but I made it a lot harder for myself. It's taken me a while, but I stick to the rules without fail now and the kids for the most part stick to them. Granted they will try and find loopholes and even sometimes manage to succeed but then, while I'll let them get away with the loophole once, I'll make a new rule that closes it. Kids just need rules and boundaries no matter how much they whine about it, as long as you hold on tight, it'll get easier for you.