Indian Friends - Attention please

@scorpio16 (1707)
September 8, 2007 1:12pm CST
Hello my Indian friends at MyLot. You all are aware that earning money online through Internet here is damn difficult as opportunities are very less Internationally. If we all would had been been in European countries, I am sure we would have earned a lot. But unfortunately, even if we try most and work hard enough, believe me we are not even afford to earn as much as to pay our telephone bills here. I, therefore wish to request you all to please share our experiences, efforts, possibilities here at this platform so that we could create a great environment for ourselves. I would request my friends, if anyone of us has excellent knowledge and expertise on earning procedures through Internet in India, please come forward and let us make it possible to earn through Internet for all of us collectively. I am afraid to put my Email here, rather I would request you all to add me as a friend and send me PM to enable me to make contacts with you all. I am confident that you would come forward and try to create a platform for us also to prove our unity, commitment to work and honesty in doing things as it is being done elsewhere. Internet services are open to all globally then why can not we also earn as we wish. I would seek forgiveness to my friends of another region for putting up my positive appeal here to generate awareness among us in view of earning money from this billionaire Internet industry. With best regards to all of my friends at my great asset "MyLot". I remain with regards and love - scorpio16
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