why do they offer features if they can't manage it!!!!!?:@

@kaplya (1578)
September 20, 2007 7:53am CST
seems i really need help here. has anyone of you tried recently to pimp up your profile through html code? i don't know what's going wrong, if it's just another mylot glitch or if it's me doing it all in a wrong way? about 2 months ago i changed my profile background to an animated one. it was alright and just the way i wanted it. then suddenlly few weeks back i noticed that background image has disappeared from my profile. i was confused but just thought perhaps that code or link became invalid somehow. so i thought to pick up a new one. but here came one problem when i found it's just not letting me paste html code on html sortie on my page. i paste then close it to save the changes but there nothing happens. it just looks the way it was. when i opened again to see what's wrong, there i see a blank html sortie box in front of me and that code i pasted is gone!! it's just so annoying as now i have tried to do so for at least 50 times in this week at different times!!!:@ are you facing the same problem? is it that mylot is down on that feature since sometime? or i am not doing it the right way? can anyone of you help me with this problem? please do suggest me what should i do? i really need some help!!:)
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• Philippines
26 Sep 07
Hi there buddy, what's up? Well, all i can say is that.. "YOU ARE NOT ALONE BUDDY!" lol A couple of weeks back, i also tried to pimp my profile coz i had some instruction from my friend and she gave me an instructions how to pimp my profile like hers. So i followed all the instructions she gave me and it worked actually! That was fantastic! But then that day, after like 1hour, i was thinking of changing the codes of my profile and put the one that i think is much better. So i tried to put the codes, but like you, it also happened on me. My profile now doesn't accept the codes and it's not working at all. I also tried to do all the instruction from the start all over again and again. I am not hoping now that i can pimp again my profile as i am contented on it's looks now. Check it out buddy! Have a nice day ahead and happy posting and earning here in myLot. Ciao, Kiko
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@kaplya (1578)
• India
30 Sep 07
hi there!!!:) that's what i was wondering if i am the only one! i am glad that that wasn't the case!:P though my problem is resolved now after writing to mylot,like my friend suggested in first reply. so finally i am able to pimp my profile again though it isn't the same i wanted to put there at first...i checked your profile and i would have to say- that's quite a nice one you made with limited features here!:D keep enjoying mylot!:)