Ram's concern for others' convenience

@kishusia (1069)
September 22, 2007 4:31am CST
Ram was asked by His father, King Dashratha, to go to forest for 14 years. When Ram reached forest He went to the ashram of Mahrishi Valmiki. He paid His respects to the Mahrishi and sought his advice about a place in the forest where He with His wife and younger brother can live for 14 years. He said that He was not conversent with forest and did not want that the people living in the forest are put to inconvenience by their presence. It was highly appreciated by the Mahrishi and other saints. Mahrishi Valmiki then suitably advised Ram on this matter. Aboove is a small incident from Ramayana. But it contains a very important tool of managing your relationships with your neighbours. Before people say or do anything, they should think that it should not inconvenience other people. Such concern about neighbours' convenience is a positive aspect of peoples' character. Today no body bothers about others' convenience. People, without thinking, say or do anything which may hurt others, and if other persons express his annoyance then they will start fighting with him. Smoking in public places, partying late in the night with loud music, putting shamiana at the road and block the traffic are few things which people do without any concern for others. They do not bother that it will put others to lot of inconvenience. What are your views on this friends?
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